Kendra Young

Kendra Young is an actress, model & performer.

Kendra was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas. She first developed her love for performing at an early age through dance, choir, and theatre.

Throughout her youth, she sought many performance opportunities through her school and competed in choir, theatre, and band competitions. Her passion for the stage lead her to Illinois State University where she received scholarships for academics as well as reduced tuition for acting.

She received her BAs in Acting and Theatrical Design and Production in May 2022. In her time at ISU, she discovered her skills in theatrical production and chose to double major in costume design along with acting.

Along with the training received in this program, she was incredibly active in student organizations.

She was an elected board member of Freestage, a student run theatre company, and a board member and elected open-mic host of Theatre of TED, a midnight open-mic for students.